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Safety and Security Gel Nail

For manicurist who use nail gel every day

Nichibi product is concerned about manicurist who use gel nail every day , especially women's health .

In addition, many polish type gels use organic solvent. The organic solvent which has harmful components adversely affecting nerve. It does not deny that adversely affect risk will be increased in the human body by using organic solvent every day.

Our president is female, since she also had the experience of asthma. So she particular paid attention on organic solvent when she developed the products.

In particular, we are concerned about the component which has adverse effects on the female-specific gynecological system. We don’t use acrylic acid and organic solvent as solvent.
(※It contains an irreducible minimum of organic solvent in some raw materials.)



















Nichibi Gel Nail only use cosmetic pigment

NB gel only use cosmetic pigment.

The cosmetic pigment is a particular pigment which is called certified color. According to the pharmaceutical affairs law, it
could be allowed using in cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical products.

Cosmetic pigment is not made in such strong color because considering the effect on human body, has the tendency relatively low coloring and durability.

In contrast, the other pigment is the industrial pigment.

Industrial pigment which is used in large quantities, for applications like the outer wall and the car , etc. Industrial pigment has strong coloring and durability and not expensive

However, using industrial pigment in cosmetics on human body, it could cause damage on healthy like pigmentation, etc..

There was no limit on using pigment applications, it became to be regulated as certified color because the damage of pigmentation widely happened.

However, you can see many examples that using industrial pigments on the products in order to improve coloring performance.
In addition, it seems like there are some cosmetic products using the industrial pigment for enhancing the chromogenic.
NB gel products are sold as cosmetics and of course using cosmetic pigment.

We use plenty of expensive cosmetics pigment with our own compounding technology to achieved a high coloring property.







Index by color number

CI Number 日本名 Japanese name FDA name Color Index
C.I.10020 緑色401号 Green No.401 (EXT.D & C Green No.1) Acid Green 1
C.I.10316 黄色403-(1)号 Yellow No.403-(1) EXT.D & C Yellow No.7 Acid Yellow 1
C.I.11380 黄色404号 Yellow No.404 Solv. Yellow 5
C.I.11390 黄色405号 Yellow No.405 Solv. Yellow 6
C.I.11680 黄色401号 Yellow No.401 (EXT. D & C Yellow No.5) Pig. Yellow 1
C.I.11725 橙色401号 Orange No.401 Pig. Orange 1
C.I.12075 橙色203号 Orange No.203 (D & C Orange No.17) Pig. Orange 5
C.I.12085 赤色228号 Red No.228 Pig. Red 4
C.I.12100 橙色403号 Orange No.403 (EXT. D & C Orange No.4) Solv. Orange 2
C.I.12120 赤色221号 Red No.221 (D & C Red No.35) Pig. Red 3
C.I.12140 赤色505号 Red No.505 Solv. Orange 7
C.I.12315 赤色404号 Red No.404 Pig. Red 22
C.I.13065 黄色406号 Yellow No.406 (EXT.D & C Yellow No.1) Acid Yellow 36
C.I.14600 橙色402号 Orange No.402 (EXT. D & C Orange No.3) Acid Orange 20
C.I.14700 赤色504号 Red No.504 FD & C Red No.4 Food Red 1
C.I.15510 橙色205号 Orange No.205 D & C Orange No.4 Acid Orange 7
C.I.15585 赤色203号 Red No.203 (D & C Red No.8) Pig. Red 53
C.I.15585 赤色204号 Red No.204 (D & C Red No.9) Pig. Red 53(Ba)
C.I.15620 赤色506号 Red No.506 Acid Red 88
C.I.15630 赤色205号 Red No.205 (D & C Red No.10) Pig. Red 49(Na)
C.I.15630 赤色206号 Red No.206 (D & C Red No.11) Pig. Red 49(Ca)
C.I.15630 赤色207号 Red No.207 (D & C Red No.12) Pig. Red 49(Ba)
C.I.15630 赤色208号 Red No.208 (D & C Red No.13) Pig. Red 49(Sr)
C.I.15800 赤色219号 Red No.219 D & C Red No.31 Pig. Red 64
C.I.15850 赤色201号 Red No.201 D & C Red No.6 Pig. Red 57-1
C.I.15850 赤色202号 Red No.202 D & C Red No.7 Pig. Red 57
C.I.15865 赤色405号 Red No.405 Pig. Red 48
C.I.15880 赤色220号 Red No.220 D & C Red No.34 Pig. Red 63(Ca)
C.I.15985 黄色5号 Yellow No.5 FD & C Yellow No.6 Food Yellow 3
C.I.16150 赤色503号 Red No.503 Acid Red 26
C.I.16155 赤色502号 Red No.502 Food Red 6
C.I.16185 赤色2号 Red No.2 (D & C Red No.2) Acid Red 27
C.I.16255 赤色102号 Red No.102 Acid Red 18
C.I.17200 赤色227号 Red No.227 D & C Red No.33 Acid Red 33
C.I.18820 黄色407号 Yellow No.407 (EXT.D & C Yellow No.3) Acid Yellow 11
C.I.18950 黄色402号 Yellow No.402 Acid Yellow 40
C.I.19140 黄色4号 Yellow No.4 FD & C Yellow No.5 Acid Yellow 23
C.I.20170 褐色201号 Brown No.201 D & C Brown No.1 Acid Orange 24
C.I.20470 黒色401号 Black No.401 (D & C Black No.1) Acid Black 1
C.I.21090 黄色205号 Yellow No.205 Pig. Yellow 12
C.I.21110 橙色204号 Orange No.204 Pig. Orange 13
C.I.26100 赤色225号 Red No.225 D & C Red No.17 Solv. Red 23
C.I.26105 赤色501号 Red No.501 Solv. Red 24
C.I.42052 青色202号 Blue No.202 Acid Blue 5
C.I.42052 青色203号 Blue No.203 Acid Blue 5
C.I.42053 緑色3号 Green No.3 FD & C Green No.3 Food Green
C.I.42085 緑色402号 Green No.402 Acid Green 3
C.I.42090 青色1号 Blue No.1 FD & C Blue No.1 Food Blue 2
C.I.42090 青色205号 Blue No.205 D & C Blue No.4 Acid Blue 9
C.I.42095 緑色205号 Green No.205 Acid Green 5
C.I.45100 赤色106号 Red No.106 Acid Red 52
C.I.45170 赤色213号 Red No.213 (D & C Red No.19) Basic Violet 10
C.I.45170 赤色214号 Red No.214 Solv. Red 49
C.I.45170 赤色215号 Red No.215 (D & C Red No.37) Solv. Red 49
C.I.45190 赤色401号 Red No.401 (EXT. D & C Red No.3) Acid Violet 9
C.I.45350:1 黄色201号 Yellow No.201 D & C Yellow No.7 Acid Yellow 73
C.I.45350 黄色201-(1)号 Yellow No.202-(1) D & C Yellow No.8 Acid Yellow 73
C.I.45350 黄色202-(2)号 Yellow No.202-(2) Acid Yellow 73
C.I.45370 橙色201号 Orange No.201 D & C Orange No.5 Solv. Red 72
C.I.45380 赤色223号 Red No.223 D & C Red No.21 Solv. Red 43
C.I.45380 赤色230-(1)号 Red No.230-(1) D & C Red No.22 Acid Red 87
C.I.45380 赤色230-(2)号 Red No.230-(2) Acid Red 87
C.I.45410 赤色104-(1)号 Red No.104-(1) D & C Red No.28 Acid Red 92
C.I.45410 赤色218号 Red No.218 D & C Red No.27 Solv. Red 48
C.I.45410 赤色231号 Red No.231 Acid Red 92
C.I.45425 橙色206号 Orange No.206 D & C Orange No.10 Solv. Red 73
C.I.45425 橙色207号 Orange No.207 D & C Orange No.11 Acid Red 95
C.I.45430 赤色3号 Red No.3 FD & C Red No.3 Acid Red 51
C.I.45440 赤色105-(1)号 Red No.105-(1) Acid Red 94
C.I.45440 赤色232号 Red No.232 Acid Red 94
C.I.47000 黄色204号 Yellow No.204 D & C Yellow No.11 Solv. Yellow 33
C.I.47005 黄色203号 Yellow No.203 D & C Yellow No.10 Acid Yellow 3
C.I.59040 緑色204号 Green No.204 D & C Green No.8 Solv. Green 7
C.I.60725 紫色201号 Violet No.201 D & C Violet No.2 Solv. Violet 13
C.I.60730 紫色401号 Violet No.401 EXT. D & C Violet No.2 Acid Violet No.43
C.I.61520 青色403号 Blue No.403 Solv. Blue 63
C.I.61565 緑色202号 Green No.202 D & C Green No.6 Solv. Green 3
C.I.61570 緑色201 号 Green No.201 D & C Green No.5 Acid Green 25
C.I.69825 青色204号 Blue No.204 D & C Blue No.9 Vat Blue 6
C.I.73000 青色201号 Blue No.201 D & C Blue No.6 Vat Blue 1
C.I.73015 青色2号 Blue No.2 FD & C Blue No.2 Acid Blue 74
C.I.73360 赤色226号 Red No.226 D & C Red No.30 Vat Red 1
C.I.74160 青色404号 Blue No.404 [Phthalocyaninato(2-)]copper Pig. Blue 15