Gel Nail OEM supply, Nichibi Co.,Ltd.


To our customers

From I learned cosmetic and gel nail first, I became a beautician over 40 years .
No whether how old is a woman , will always care about the beauty. Except outside, approaching in inside is also very important. Until now, I already made all kinds of beloved cosmetics and products for women in the world .


Nail also evolved with the times, I was so impressed when I experience
gel nail first time in abroad before10years ago. I still remember the various
beautiful performance very clearly.


Beautician has been involved in the nail long time ago. I obtained the experience
of nail up to now and improve the problem. For making better nail products, I also
got the experience from abroad and began to develop gel nail by ourself.


We weren’t satisfied with the existing gel nail. For pursuing more beauty and safety
We cost four years to find the best way to develop lower stimulus and innovative new
Ingredient that the high quality is recognized around the world. (※1)


We insist that all of the ingredient and auxiliary materials of the gel nail products are made in Japan.(※ 2)
We also carry out a component analysis by a third organization, and we have confidence in suppling Nichibi gel nail ingredient with high safety for our customers.


Compare to imported products, The products of Nichibi Gel nail are expensive but we have high-quality and safe gel nail which can be sold as cosmetics proudly.

I hope our customers can be successful and all end users always can use our products safety and healthy. I`ll do my best for product development.


(※1)America, China, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, etc.
(※2)NBgel series